The GaryVee Audio Experience

Podcast! If you haven't signedup for my text community, it's the best way to get access and talk directly with me! These 3 fans were selected to come to the NYC office to meet the team and myself and be featured on the podcast.... I want to do more things like this with the text community - to join just text 212-931-5731, and as always I hope you enjoy this episode. Tweet me @garyvee with your thoughts!



1:30 - Day of Pick Me Contest - where were you?

3:30 - Surprise and Delight

8:45 - Violet Intro - tech entrepreneur - home healthcare app

15:00 - Entrepreneurship is a game of merit

15:50 - Questions

16:20 - Game of giving

21:15 - Talking vs doing

25:30 - Manifesting the business man I wanted to look up to

26:30 - You were already your biggest fan

26:50 - What if you’re telling yourself you suck

32:30 - Automation

37:00 - Detachment from cheers and boos

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