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Yo guys this episode was so good we didn't even get to call anyone in. My friend Michael Chernow and I talked about some real shit - make sure you listen to the full episode and tweet us @garyvee and @michaelchernow for feedback or questions or if you dropped your phone number and we didn't call you. Much love <3 


6 - Lessons learned from our parents
9:55 - Noise is the only thing I’m comfortable in
13:50 - My new t-shirt ;)
18 - I’m not interested in a P&L
25 - Somebody Telling Me I Can’t Is My Oxygen
28:50 - People are always whispering
35:45 - How to make a wave
40:15 - I’m not in it for the money
48:30 - I love to push culture
54:45 - There’s no exclusivity anymore


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