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There is nothing the DMV can do to improve their situation. Let me explain why. Because they are run by the state. So, it's political. They won't fix it. The only way to fix DMVs is the privatize them and let entrepreneurs run them. They, for a change, will actually care about the customer. Employees will care, because they would have incentives. Maybe they would even put Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts inside of the DMVs, to make more money on the rent.

Basically, privatized DMVs would innovate. Care. Give a crap. All the things that government industries don't do because it is not in their best interest. The people that can't innovate and can't win in a competitive landscape default to having terrible careless services. 

I don't want to be a hardcore capitalist on this issue, though. But I really don't know. If you don't incentivize humans somehow to do the right thing, you can't win. AND...more and more, in a digital world, it's become easier to do that. There is no excuse any more. There are alternatives. 

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