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What’s up podcast! Super star human & NBA player Kevin Love stopped by today. We discussed his road through UCLA and ultimately to Minnesota, the importance of not hearing the boos or the accolades and Kevin’s take on how to stay tough during a depressive time in your life. Kevin has recently begun to take on a voice in the mental health space. For more on how he’s dealt with his struggles, make sure to check out his Players’ Tribune piece here
3:40 - I was born to be in the NBA
10:35 - The #1 business I would start today (youth athletics)
15:30 - How Kevin Love ended up at UCLA
18:30 - Biggest surprise of joining the NBA (can’t prep for volume/speed/talent of league)
23:20 - Off the court … mental health
31:15 - Players Tribune article
39 - How do you market talent to the masses?
44:20 - Fashion in the NBA
45 - How do you stay focused on your goals when dealing with mental health/depression?
53 - When the home team boos after the away team goes on an 11-0 run
58 - Turning negativity into a positive
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