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What's up everyone happy 4th of July. I've been on vacation for a few weeks now so it's good to be back and hope to get some of you to check out ;). Today's episode is an exciting mash-up around my definition of greatness. There's a few rants in here, some throwback conversations with my good friend Lewis Howes and a meeting from last year with NBA player Nik Stauskas. Please tweet me @garyvee and say hello!!


:35 - Lewis Howes asks “what’s your definition of greatness”
3 - Greatness is a mindset
4:10 - Conversation about greatness between gary and NBA player Nik Stauskas 
8:20 - Lewis asks “what’s your definition of greatness” for the 2nd time
9:10 - Know who you are, own it, and greatness will follow
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