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What's up podcast listeners. Special treat for you today. As I got to sit down with my good friend Matt Higgins, founder of RSE Ventures. We talked about our upbringing and similar our paths have been, his role on Shark Tank, and got the opportunity to answer Q&A from the crowd! Tweet us @garyvee and @mhiggins if you listened <3


4:05 - How Matt and my upbringing shaped who we are today


9:20 - The biggest mistakes we’ve both made


14:10 - What makes a successful pitch


17:45 - A lot of founders what rather go out of business than admit they’re wrong


26:30 - Why Mark Cuban is so intimidating on Shark Tank30:45 - Attention vs monetization


36:50 - How to decide if you want to sell your company


44 - You can’t have pride based on how many employees you have

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