The GaryVee Audio Experience

What's up podcast. Awesome 4Ds episode for you guys today, this session took place on June 10th and a lot of serious topics were covered. Please listen to the whole thing and tweet me @garyvee with any questions. Check out for more info


1:30 - How do you create urgency for a product catering to SMBs?

8:30 - When scaling so fast, how do you make sure the knowledge transfer happens?

9:30 - Can B2B SaaS products leverage influencers?

11:20 - CTA advice for a IRL banner campaign?

15:50 - How do I become a thought-leader in multiple online communities?

30:20 - How do I brand my Mortgage company to steal consumers from the bigger companies?

38 - Should we brand the company or the human being?

39:10 - TikTok or Instagram?

41:30 - How do you properly right hook?

47:25 - Should I build my own media team or outsource?

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