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What's up podcast, super nerdy episode for you guys today. My friend Jason Koonce who is a phenomenal card player and also very knowledgeable in the flipping cards space stopped by to talk how to make extra income through e-bay, what's on his radar right now and some of his biggest wins/loses. Plus we predicted some athletes that whose stock will rise in the next 6 months so make sure you listen to the full episode. Tweet us @garyvee & @otiasports

2:25 - What to do with your $5k
6 - Jason's top GaryVee "What the fucks"
11:30 - Invest in sports "villains"
15:15 - When cards took off again
19:45 - USA Women's Soccer arbitrage
26 - Predicting sports upset arbitrage
28:30 - How Gary, Jason and Lou would spend $1000 on sports cards right now
35:10 - My new card with Topps
38:40 - Biggest card price jump over the last 2 years
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