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What's up podcast happy Saturday. Amazing episode with Mark Bouris - we sat down a few weeks back in Australia and he really pushed me to go deep into my upbringing, selling and much more. Make sure you check out the timestamps in the episode description, a lot of the best moments are marked down there. Tweet me @garyvee with any feedback!


2:50 - Business is a game to me … can you love your process?
4:15 - Do you think Entrepreneurship is a way out?
6:15 - What is the fabric of life for you? I’m from the dirt.
9:40 - I only dream at macro levels
12:20 - Dreaming vs Execution
15:30 - I don’t extract value out of my audience
17:30 - What jab jab jab ended up being
22 - Why I love sports
26:30 - I created entitlement at VaynerMedia
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