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Shout out Susanna Page for the podcast intro! This might be one of the best episodes for DTC businesses that listen to the podcast. I did a fireside chat in London recently, got a lot of questions on Empathy Wines and KSwiss which I answered in a way to bring value to anyone selling direct to consumer. Would love for you to listen to the whole 19 minutes and tweet me @garyvee if you have any feedback/questions ;)


:45 - How Empathy Wines started
3:15 - Year 2 of Empathy: act more as a brand rather than leveraging a personal brand
3:50 - Is Instagram the most important platform for Empathy?
6 - What is the best way for a DTC company to build brand
9:15 - Why it’s tough for publicly traded companies
12:15 - Brands moving into physical retail spaces
13:20 - Consumer’s only care about convenience 
15 - KSwiss 004s campaign
16:15 - The role of influencers in DTC
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