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What's up podcast - been a month or so since we did an #AskGaryVee so I'm super fired up to be back and loved having Sharlee Jeter and Dr. Sampson David on the show. We talked a lot about willing things into existence, delusion, failure and took so epic calls as always. Tweet us @garyvee @sjeter2 & @drsampsondavis and let us know if you enjoyed the episode. Happy to be back :)


5:30 - Willing things into existence and the value of our “Brain”
9 - 8th place trophies and practical optimism 
12:15 - Don’t Create Delusion
18:40 - Micro failures can be macro wins
23:15 - Why I wink
26:30 - One story I never like to tell
35 - Selfless and selfish behaviors
51:50 - How to get control of your life when you are dwelling
1:00:00 - Question of the day: What is your fear?
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