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Many things I say are contradictions. I like pulling from both directions because it brings strengths. I really do think that life and business are bridges, and if you pull hard in both directions, you'll find balance. For example, ego and humility. You need both, but you can't have to much of one. Same with clouds and dirt, aka, higher level and execution. 

So when I say don't pay attention to small details, but I also say play to your strengths but your strength is attention to detail, I understand it can be hard to figure out what to do. But I have an idea. If your strength is attention to detail but you're looking for long term business success, there are some things you need to consider.

First, if you're top dog, your business is going to be small. But you would be an awesome number two three or four to a top dog. You need to pair yourself with someone who only thinks about the clouds and isn't down in the dirt like you are. You might even be happier not having the pressure of being number one because it will allow you to pay attention to those small details you would not normally be able to. Attach yourself to a number one and bet on your strengths.

If your strength is finite details, your upside is limited as the number one. You have two decisions to make. One, you're cool with that. Or two, you're going to latch on to someone who will be able to elevate your work and your eight or twenty percent will be greater than the a hundred percent you do for yourself.


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