The GaryVee Audio Experience

What do cool kicks, cricket protein and eCommerce have in common? Props from serial entrepreneur and CEO/Co-Founder of VaynerMedia, Gary Vaynerchuk. In this special episode (shot on Gary’s birthday), VaynerMedia’s SVP of eCommerce, Sabir Semerkant, and Partner Manager for Shopify Plus, Mac King, learn how the launch of Gary Vee’s KSwiss Signature Shoes broke the internet. Speaking from the heart, Gary covers his love for win-win situations (i.e. success through failure), hacking emerging trends, and trading in excuses for action. To help fellow entrepreneurs and brands up their eCommerce game, he also shares tips to break through the noise with little to no budget. Rounding out the episode, Gary drills into the competitive advantage of Instagram and Snapchat for underpriced attention, and reiterates the power of leveraging influencers, rankings and hashtags to sell, sell, sell.

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