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What's up podcast. Epic keynote here from my Australia tour a few. Hope it gives you a little burst of energy this Saturday. Tweet me @garyvee and say what up!


8 - Take advantage of LinkedIn

18:50 - Why are you not making content for the internet?
35:25 - Parents struggle to anticipate where the world is going in the context of their child
47:40 - The platforms aren’t dying you just need to get better
1:01:30 - Voice is next and here’s what you need to do
1:15:00 - If you don’t know social media don’t hire someone, put in the work yourself first
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What's up podcast hope you're all having an awesome Labor Day Friday. Today's episode is a news interview I did while I was in Australia. We talked about what the hardest question to ask yourself is, why I think I'm a successful business man and ended with an awesome rapid-fire Q&A. Enjoy and tweet me @garyvee with any questions


1 - My real passion
5:30 - What parents struggle with the most
10:40 - The environment I grew up in had a major impact in who I am
14:30 - Where my business success comes from
20:15 - Make take on spirituality/faith in context to what I do
23:05 - Quick Q&A
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What's up podcast! This is a great interview I did with Channel 7 while I was in Australia. We talked a lot about entrepreneurship, being lonely and the 2 ways to go about building a business. Tweet me @garyvee with any questions <3 


1 - No is an entrepreneurs best friend
4:10 - All I knew was work
5:45 - I enjoy being lonely
8:15 - The 2 ways to build the biggest building in town
11 - If we cared about happiness, everything would fix itself
13:45 - There is no entitlement in entrepreneurship
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What's up podcast! Tomorrow's episode is a keynote I did in Brisbane recently. We ran it yesterday on Facebook live to pull some of your collective top moments. Make sure to check out the timestamps below!! A lot of talk on how to master a platform, where to go if you need free information and how to get over your fear of putting out content. Tweet me @garyvee with any feedback!


9:17 - It takes a lot of work to build a business
16:47 - There’s a crippling amount of inaction around putting out content
27:59 - I can’t hear the cheers or the boos
42:53 - Go live in the platform if you want to understand the platform
50:23 - Whoever asks loses
57:25 - Fuck data ;)
1:08:25 - GOOGLE!
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Podcast! Let's make sure we're all finishing 2019 as strong as we physically can. Put in that extra hour a day, start the side hustle, ask that girl/guy out. Make the most of it! This episode is a fire keynote I did in Melbourne a few weeks ago, a lot of good business strategies I'd love for you to try to implement. Tweet me @garyvee your favorite moment <3 


11:02 - Why I'm Bullish On Tik Tok

12:05 - Why You Need A LinkedIn Strategy

16:41 - Where You Need To Be Posting

17:16 - Execute On Your Communication Style

21:51 - Please Take Advantage Of This Era

22:56 - Why Brand Matters

25:44 - Creating 100 Pieces Of Content Per Day

28:03 - Parenting In a 2019 World

31:18 - How To Get Your Dream Internship



33:31 - 34:00

Title: Entrepreneurship SHOULD Be Hard

Platform(s): IG, YT

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What's up podcast, happy Monday! This episode is a fun interview I did in Australia a few weeks ago. Talked a lot about why I create content for the end user, how there is no "next platform" and a lot more. I tried some of the best snacks Australia has to offer during this interview so if you hear me chewing it's because I was trying to multi-task :). Tweet me @garyvee to say hi


5:40 - I create content for other people
8:50 - Don’t guess for the sake of creating content
10:30 - There’s no “next platform”
13:40 - Why Mark Zuckerberg is so impressive
15:30 - People talk about privacy but don’t live it
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Happy Sunday! More from Australia 2k19 :). Had a really great talk with Nick Bell about how to balance quality and growth when building a business, the importance of a global footprint and why I don't "turn off". Tweet me @garyvee with any questions or to say hi ;)


:55 - How do you balance quality and growth when building a business?
4:40 - How I feel about competing for new business
6:20 - The importance of a global footprint
7:05 - My biggest mistake in running VaynerMedia
10:05 - I don’t turn off, I unplug by focusing on my hobbies
10:35 - Why I want to get into TV/film in the next 5 years
12:40 - The importance on posting content on LinkedIn
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What's up podcast happy Saturday. Amazing episode with Mark Bouris - we sat down a few weeks back in Australia and he really pushed me to go deep into my upbringing, selling and much more. Make sure you check out the timestamps in the episode description, a lot of the best moments are marked down there. Tweet me @garyvee with any feedback!


2:50 - Business is a game to me … can you love your process?
4:15 - Do you think Entrepreneurship is a way out?
6:15 - What is the fabric of life for you? I’m from the dirt.
9:40 - I only dream at macro levels
12:20 - Dreaming vs Execution
15:30 - I don’t extract value out of my audience
17:30 - What jab jab jab ended up being
22 - Why I love sports
26:30 - I created entitlement at VaynerMedia
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What's up podcast listeners happy Friday :). Today's episode is a new interview I did in Australia, a lot of fire in here, if anything stands out tweet me @garyvee so my team knows!! Also make sure you listen till the end specifically the last 6 minutes, for my honest input on a few business ideas I was pitched. Keep an eye out for the video version of that segment ;)


6 - My primary message is happiness
7:45 - We have to define our own success
11:35 - You have to look in the eyes of the messenger
15:15 - Flexing your wealth in front of 8 people is the same thing as flexing in front of 8 million people
17:25 - The market is my mentor
21 - My honest input on a few business ideas
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What's up podcast listeners! Excited to share my recent keynote from my trip to Sydney. Some really good insight into how I get the most out of my team, the value of communicating and why I hope Instagram eliminates likes. Tweet me @garyvee with any questions or to say hi and have the best Thursday :)


3:10 - Scalable vs Non-Scalable activities
6:40 - The internet at scale
14:15 - Eliminating Instagram likes
22:40 - How I position success
31:20 - The value of communicating/building your brand
36 - Free content on a daily basis
43:30 - Stress and adversity in business
59:15 - How I get the most out of my team
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What's up podcast! If you haven't noticed I've been talking about sports cards A LOT recently ;). Today's episode is a panel I did with Jason Koonce and Josh Luber at the NSCC a few weeks ago. We talked about how cards have the chance to become art and how I'd invest in cards if I had under $100. Tweet us all @garyvee @joshluber & @otiasports if you have any questions 


5:30 - Why I “hate” StockX

7:13 - The 3 things I think everyone should be thinking about when flipping

13:00 - What can happen if you can sense an increase in demand happening

16 - If you’re a 7 year old kid with $20-30, what would you buy at the convention?

19:47 - I think Sports Cards have a chance to become art

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What's up podcast listeners. Today's episode is a sports card panel/Q&A I did in Chicago while I was at the National Sports Collectors Convention (NSCC). For those of you who follow my content you know how much I love buying and selling sports cards. For any of you trying to change up your investing or see if you enjoy the sports card flipping game, this podcast will bring a tremendous amount of value. Tweet me @garyvee if and what you're flipping!!


3:30 - Macro sports card trends to keep an eye out for
8:20 - I didn’t think Patrick Mahomes would be good but boy was I wrong
18:12 - I’m a big fan of "the market over everything”
25:47 - How to deal with Twitter bullies
28:10 - How does StockX affect the sneaker flipping industry
34:40 - Soccer cards are a layup
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Happy Monday podcast listeners! Great episode here today with Kyle and Jackie O from KISS 1065. Sat down with them when I was in Australia last week and took some live call-ins. Linking the FB Live page below if you want to check it out. Make sure to tweet me @garyvee if you listened to this episode and have any questions


3:15 - Best always wins
10:30 - There’s no pressure to have your life figured out, keep trying things out
14 - Q&A with people calling into the show
21:10 - Q&A part 2 :)
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What's up everyone. While I was in Australia I sat down with Australian Media company Mumbrella to talk VaynerMedia, my content machine and why I travel so much. Enjoyed this one and would love to borrow 28 minutes of your time on this Sunday morning. Tweet me @garyvee with any questions/comments/concerns <3 


5:00 - How the advertising industry perceives me and VaynerMedia
7:50 - Our clients aren’t enamored by my Twitter use, they are looking for business results
14:45 - Why I’m building “the machine”
17:05 - What people don’t know about GaryVee
23:15 - I want to expand the IP of my clients into different parts of the world
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What's up podcast. Super tactical episode for you today - if you're big on YouTube these 20+ minutes are huge for you. Sat down with Benji Travis of Video Influencers to talk about the ins and outs of creating video content that wins on YouTube. Make sure you listen for his take on how content/thumbnail/title affects performance - amazing insight! Also check out his book "YouTube Secrets" on Amazon <3


3:50 - The one platform that I’m not in the dirt in
7:25 - How much does cultural anticipation matter when creating content?
11:35 - People chase love
14:15 - Why do we put mediums of the past on a pedestal
17:55 - Search "YouTube Secrets" on Amazon
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Shout out Sam Craig on my team for the podcast intro. I sat down with Jack Bloomfield a few days back while I was in London. He asked a lot of good questions that led to my insight into teenage entrepreneurship, things to think about when building a business and the best thing that happened to me in college. Tweet me @garyvee with any questions and check out Jack on IG @jackbloomfield


3 - By the age of 7, 80% of my activities outside were business
5:02 - The best thing that happened to me in college
11 - Don’t judge the end of the first quarter
14 - The quickest answer to 94% of parenting questions
18:15 - Stop manipulating and start listening
20:45 - What to do if you have $2k
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Podcast listeners - great news ... I am finally back in the US after 2+ weeks in Australia. Hope you're all doing well :). Today's episode is a Mompreneurs podcast I did in LA back in late July. A lot of really good parenting talk and some insight into how my parents helped me become the man I am today. Hope you enjoy and tweet me @garyvee to say hi 


5:05 - Why is your self esteem wrapped up in your children’s accomplishments?
11 - Allowing other people’s opinions to dictate your actions needs to stop
17:20 - How I parents my children
24:15 - How my parents suffocated me in a good way
31:10 - I don’t to make my money on my audience
36:15 - If you need money you need to start flipping
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What's up podcast listeners - today you get to hear a new piece of content with my good friends CJ McCollum & Jordan Schultz. They hosted me on their podcast a few weeks back and I'm super fired up to share it with you. We jammed on greatness, how the outcome of the game comes down to a few plays and we even got CJ to give us his sleeper picks for next season. Enjoy and tweet us @garyvee @cjmccollum & @schultz_report with any questions
5:15 - How important is it to be able to adapt?
12:40 - How Gary’s passion for trading cards started?
16:30 - CJ McCollum’s NBA sleepers
31:30 - Situation affects greatness
38:30 - The outcome of the game comes down to a matter of a few plays
46:30 - Mindset matters
51:45 - Adversity leads to success on and off the field
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Podcast listeners, brand new keynote from a talk I did in Columbus, Ohio on July 16th. Thank you SkySprout for hosting such a great event, a lot of great Q&A about 30 minutes in. Check it out and tweet me @garyvee with any questions :)


4:30 - How Team GaryVee is similar to a football team
10 - Creating content at scale is a good business
17:30 - I want to do a 24-hour Q&A
27 - It’s not about which form of content is best, it’s which are you best at
33:15 - How much do you have to jab before you right hook?
40 - What would be the first position you’d hire today?
59:40 - Figure out how to change your bills
1:09:00 - Marketing in a regulated industry
1:18:00 - How to overcome fear
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What's up podcast. Hope you're fired up on this amazing Monday. Brand new keynote from my most recent trip to Malaysia. Enjoy and tweet me @garyvee with any big takeaways!!

6:30 - Be self-less when creating content
16:30 - The reach on these platforms is real
26:10 - Don’t give with expectations
36:20 - Let the consumers decide, not you
41:10 - Why some people don’t agree with me
51:40 - Choose, live and adjust
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Happy Sunday! Fun episode today that wraps up our Cannes series. I was on a panel with Brian Whipple, Steven Wolfe Pereira and Roxanne Taylor - we talked a lot about EQ in the workplace and the importance of being able to be yourself at work. Make sure to tweet me @garyvee :)


1 - Why is EQ important in the workforce today?
5:45 - Are corporations focusing on employee purpose?
11:40 - Finding the balance between practicality and the ambition of kindness within an organization
16:35 - Everything bad that happens at VaynerMedia is my fault
23 - You need to be able to be yourself at work
27:30 - Some of the biggest opportunities in the marketing industry
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Whats up podcast listeners! Shout out to Jason for the intro on his last day. Today you get to hear a unique interview I did in Cannes in June with the Daily Lion - some great questions about Vaynermedia and our approach to advertising. Enjoy and tweet me @garyvee with any feedback. Enjoy your Saturday <3 


2:30 - I was a marketer who happened to be running a wine business

5:15 - It’s fun to be an enigma 

8:15 - More independent agencies will help the ad industry

9:30 - Messages Gary wants to convey to the ad world

14:15 - “How are you going to make VaynerMedia more well known?” Patiently ;)

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Podcast listeners - great episode for those in the trenches and looking to learn from execution. I sat down at Cannes with Todd Kaplan - who is a good friend of mine and also the VP of Marketing for PepsiCo. We talked a lot about how PepsiCo is approaching marketing and using the "challenger" brand approach. Tweet me @garyvee with any feedback or questions!


7 - How Todd’s career started in college
13:15 - If you respectfully ask you’re putting yourself in a good position
19:40 - State of the union of Pepsi vs Coke
24:30 - Pepsi’s approach to Super Bowl 53
30:20 - Where do you get your “culture”?
34:55 - How do you balance an entrepreneur built for speed and an executive with process?
37:10 - Life is what you make of it
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What's up podcast listeners. Shout out Brian the intern on team Gary for the fire intro! Today's episode is a talk I did in Cannes to a group of young creators in the ad industry. I'd love your attention for the next 45 minutes, make sure to tweet me @garyvee if you have any feedback or questions. Enjoy your Thursday!


7:10 - 2007 Wine Library set me up for angel investing 
8:45 - The most interesting point of my career
12:20 - The only thing I think about is the consumer
14:45 - VaynerMedia’s philosophy
22:30 - Don’t stay quiet because you think it won’t play well in the room
27:50 - We push hard against what “on-brand” means
31:40 - What’s the price of the attention?

37:30 - Work ethic at VaynerMedia
44:25 - Nostalgia is the most underpriced thing in the world
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Podcast listeners, this is one of the most important episodes I've ever put out. Entitlement is the single most important topic I want to try to breakdown - please please give me 9 minutes of your attention as this is so important. Tweet me @garyvee with any questions/comments/concerns this episode sparked <3 


2 - We need to have a conversation with ourselves around the word entitlement

3:30 - Once you taste garbage you have no interest in letting your kids taste it

5:05 - Results fucking matter in life

6:35 - We have to start the process of listening to the youth

8:55 - Why the marketing world is massive audacious 

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What's up podcast listeners. Today's episode is an interview I did with Cindy Gallop from Cannes a few months back. We talk a lot about the topics that society refuses to discuss, like money, death and sex. Cindy's background and career path is one that I really admire and I'd love if you all took the 37 minutes here to get to know who she is if you don't already :) - tweet us @garyvee & @cindygallop


3:50 - The three things people don’t talk about
12 - Taking a leap of faith
14:30 - How to make a public talk unique to you
22:30 - Experience matters
25:30 - Fuck pandering to the dying establishment
31:40 - Where Cindy’s primary focus is
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Shout out to Nakia for the fire intro!! Check her out at @nakiagrowsgyms on IG especially if you're in Australia. Today's episode is a really good Q&A I did with the Rutgers Football team. Punchline? You have so much time :) - enjoy and tweet me @garyvee if you want to intro a podcast episode
7:10 - The importance of communication
14:45 - I love Ls
23:50 - My big thing
33:30 - The best way to build your brand
39 - Nobody cares
47:30 - Don’t dwell when you haven’t even started
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Shout out Katie on Team Gary for the intro! Happy Sunday everyone :) today's episode is an interview with my friend David Meltzer who has a new book coming out and is doing a lot of great stuff. We talk about sports and process and much more. Tweet me @garyvee !!
4:45 - Give your best stuff away for free
11:30 - What do you want to deploy your attention to?
20:15 - How do you get to 6/7 figures?
29:20 - Why do you do what you do?
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What's up podcast listeners. This episode is from Cannes back in June and is a really fun one. You'll get to hear 6 teams pitch me there best voice idea/alexa skill. If you haven't checked out my Alexa skill make sure you do ;) and if you have any podcast feedback for the team tweet us @garyvee & @teamgaryvee. Enjoy your Saturday


:30 - Team 1

13 - Team 2

24:30 - Team 3

37:45 - Team 4

48:10 - Team 5

59:05 - Team 6

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Podcast listeners, today you get a special Inside 4Ds episode with color commentary from Nick Dio. This session took place on July 10th out of our office in LA. As you know 4Ds is one of my favorite things to do as I get to help solve every day business problems that entrepreneurs, SMBs and personal brands deal with. Fires me up!! If you're interested in attending a 4Ds session check out the link here and tweet me @garyvee with any questions ;)


4:10 - How do we transition our ad dollars from TV/radio to social?
11 - How do we figure out what creative to run ads on?
19 - Sales vs branding
24:10 - Where do you start when looking to make video content?
27:30 - B2C marketing in a niche industry
34 - Sprinter vs marathon runner when building a business
41:30 - Raising money vs borrowing from a bank
43:50 - Rapid fire Q&A
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Shout out Max Browne on my team for the intro! Podcast listeners, today you get to hear a Q&A/Keynote style conversation I had in Cannes at an Ernst & Young talk. We talked a lot about marketing, how CMOs and other executives are operating and a lot more. Enjoy and let me know what you thought on Twitter @garyvee


3:40 - Are we thinking about campaigns or customers?

9:15 - Good for the business and good for consumers is different

14 - We live in a world where everyone optimizes around their business model

19:05 - Volume of creative matters

24:30 - Why I’ve always been practical

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