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Hey Podcast listeners!! This was a roundtable VIP dinner I did with some fans as we went around asking and answering business, media, and how to grow your agency questions. I love following the stories of young entrepreneurs, and interested what stuck out to you from today's episode. Can't wait to hear - tweet me @garyvee

Topics From Today's Episode:

1:15 | Why do I own an agency

4:30 | Being a practitioner

5:00 | Personal brand vs Business brand

10:20 | Interesting moment

16:00 | Honey Empire

17:00 | Skills are commoditized

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Hey Podcast listeners!!  This is a quick interview I did during my trip in Brazil, with Rafa Prado. There's so much opportunity out there today for so many people in different parts of the world outside the US - the internet is changing the game in a big way and we're all underestimating it. Shared my thoughts on this topic more in this interview. What stuck out to you? Tweet me @garyvee! Can't wait to hear your thoughts

Topics From Today's Episode:

0:20 | What kind of kid was I

5:40 | Which macro markets would I invest in

8:05 | Talk is cheap

15:10 | Making connections

15:45 | Finding a balance of giving and taking

19:20 | How I spot trends and invest

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Podcast community, today is a really special Inside 4Ds episode. This session took place on July 23 out of our NYC office. As you know 4Ds is one of my favorite things to do as I get to answer tactical and strategic business problems that entrepreneurs, SMBs and personal brands deal with. Fires me up!! Tweet me @garyvee with your favorite moment and / or if you need clarity on any of the topics

If you're interested in attending a 4Ds session, please share a bit more about yourself and business here:

Topics From Today's Episode:

1:50 | How I measure my content

3:10 | Gary Vee Content Model

3:40 | Triple Arbitrage of Podcasts

9:00 | You watch me because I bring value

13:30 | Top of Funnel Lead Strategy

19:00 | mistakes small business owners make

22:15 | I value the trenches, others value ivory towers

25:30 | When Goliath starts behaving like David, a lot of good stuff can happen

27:00 | Share your Authentic Story

30:00 | They don’t have the context to judge you

37:30 | What awakened my self-awareness

42:25 | Texting is open for business

50:00 | Accountability

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Hey Podcast listeners!! Think you’re going to really like this thoughtful AskGaryVee episode with Jameela Jamil. Think you’re going to love the depth of the conversation today, and would love to hear which moment stuck out for you! Tweet me @garyvee (p.s. listen to the end :))


Topics From Today's Episode:

00:30 | Intro

5:10 | Jameelas Childhood

14:15 | Brand | Reputation

16:30 | Judgment of people who don’t know better

18:15 | Who do you compete with?

19:45 | Differing takes on legacy

24:00 | LOL

27:00 | Consuming Comments

28:30 | Learning from your community

29:30 | Touching on Activism

34:00 | When messages hit home

38:00 | Using your platform through impact

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Sat down and did an interview with Roland Frasier, co-founder of DigitalMarketer - some fun stuff in this convo about how we launched RESY (which was acquired by American Express), why I’m building a “Death Star”, and more :) Hit me up on twitter @GaryVee with your favorite moment!


Topics From Today's Episode:

1:00 | Business Deals

4:30 | Digital Marketer Courses

8:00 | Jockey not the Horse

11:30 | Fundamentals

12:30 | When I met Mark Zuckerberg

14:00 | Willing things to success

16:45 | 2009 Recap ;)

18:45 | 50.1% / 49.9%

21:20 | How we launched RESY

22:50 | How I define myself?

24:45 | Building a ‘Deathstar’

26:00 | First layer above - my take on the current state of the internet

30:00 | When you’re too early

38:55 | Principles > Predictions

41:30 | Who I invest in

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Today's podcast is from an epic short film I dropped on my YouTube channel yesterday - it's been getting some crazy reactions, hope you guys enjoy the podcast version. Hit me up on Twitter @GaryVee and let me know if it helped you with whatever decision you're trying to make!

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Think you guys will really enjoy this #AskGaryVee episode with Chase Jarvis. We dug into some deep topics in the Q&A portion and talked about why so many of you aren’t “making.” Listen and tweet me one insight you got from this @GaryVee learn more about Chase’s book:

Follow Chase on IG: @chasejarvis

Check out Chase’s Book, “Creative Calling”   |



3:30 - Being ok with being misunderstood

4:30 - Why Chase wrote the book 

6:30 - Creativity and Gratitude has a Muscle Memory

7:15 - Establish a daily practice

8:45 - Negativity is louder than positivity 

10:10 - Chase should be on TikTok 

11:15 - Question number one: Anand

13:00 - Confusing marketing and sales “tactics”

15:00 - 16:45 | Limiting the creativity with your abs

20:15 - Chase thinks Gary is “sexy” aka authentic 

20:40 - What do you want your grandkids to know about you 

22:00 - Why Gary respects Mr. Beast

23:55 - Metrics CANNOT be the North Star

25:15 - Punch panthers in the face 

26:25 - Question number two: Alex 

29:15 - Alex cares too much about what Drock and Babin 

35:40 - There’s no trying, only doing and using your adversity to go through hard times 

38:30 - Human connection like we’ve never had before 

42:10 - Making without thinking

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Podcast! If you haven't signedup for my text community, it's the best way to get access and talk directly with me! These 3 fans were selected to come to the NYC office to meet the team and myself and be featured on the podcast.... I want to do more things like this with the text community - to join just text 212-931-5731, and as always I hope you enjoy this episode. Tweet me @garyvee with your thoughts!



1:30 - Day of Pick Me Contest - where were you?

3:30 - Surprise and Delight

8:45 - Violet Intro - tech entrepreneur - home healthcare app

15:00 - Entrepreneurship is a game of merit

15:50 - Questions

16:20 - Game of giving

21:15 - Talking vs doing

25:30 - Manifesting the business man I wanted to look up to

26:30 - You were already your biggest fan

26:50 - What if you’re telling yourself you suck

32:30 - Automation

37:00 - Detachment from cheers and boos

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Such a fun GQ interview on today’s podcast - we really dug deep into my story and some of the topics I’m really hot on, like how I maintain perspective, the value of adversity, parenting, and a ton more. Listen and tweet me your favorite moment @GaryVee!



00:45 - Adversity is the Foundation of Success

2:45 - Health over everything shapes my perspective

4:30 - My talent is being good at making money

5:15 - Being bullied by teachers

7:00 - Starting VaynerMedia at 34 with nothing

9:00 - Building Generational Wealth

10:00 - How Instagram getting rid of likes bring values to people

11:10 - The great curse parents give their kids

12:00 - I don't get to judge whose influential, the audience does

13:30 - Triple down to make sure my humility outpaces my growth

16:30 - Giving back to what put me on

17:45 - Doing the right thing is always the right thing

19:30 - How I listen

20:30 - Obsessive over my community

22:00 - What makes me happy?

24:00 - Role of a businesses for society

24:45 - Lead by action, not words

27:30 - Keyboard warrior culture

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Had a great time sitting down with Jen Cohen in this podcast - a lot of insights here on how to really narrow in on your biggest strengths, figure out what makes you different, and clarifying some of my thoughts on mentorship and working for free.



0:20 - biggest advice for parents —> listening

2:00 - nudging vs cramming, certain directions and see how they respond

4:00 - whats the 1 thing about you that makes you impactful

6:00 - leaving money on the table

6:50 - my North Star is admiration and legacy

9:40 - kids growing up in the shadow of their parents

12:10 - working for free

14:30 - clarifying my thoughts on mentors

16:10 - talent vs work ethic/discipline

17:25 - thoughts on mastermind classes

19:00 - why I sell wine/sneakers

20:30 - produce content on scale

22:10 - how to make 100 things not create 100 things

24:15 - adding value through TikTok and Linkedin

26:30 - I pretend someone in my family died to keep my perspective

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What up podcast! This is an instant classic... Tilman Fertitta (the owner of the Houston Rockets) stopped by the office for a new episode of #AskGaryVee - lots of energy, lots of gold here. Tune in as we talk sports, business, and to learn more about Tilman's arcade business ;) This was fun!! Tweet me @garyvee with what left an impression.



1:00 Tilman Fertitta Origin Story

3:30 Entrepreneurs and Athletes

7:45 How I Want to Live

10:30 Family Business

12:00 When Banks Fail

11:00 Business Arbitrage

14:00 Buying Into the Houston Rockets

16:30 Clip for the future 

18:00 Building a fan base

18:30 Owning IP

29:00 One thing Gary really cares about 

19:40 Why Tillman wrote the book 

21:00 Everybody is in the hospitality business 

23:30 Why Gary loves athletes

30:30 Virtual kitchens and the current delivery service model

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What up podcast! Marc Randolph (the co-founder and first CEO of Netflix) stopped by the office for a new episode of #AskGaryVee - so much gold in here for those of you in your 30s or 40s navigating a new career move, starting a business, or if you just want to learn the backstory of how he got there. Listen and tweet me what you thought @ GaryVee and follow me on LinkedIn so you don't miss any livestreams in the future!



1:00 - Marc Randolph Intro

2:10 - Not taking "No" as an answer

7:00 - Early signs of entrepreneurship

9:00 - Gary's advice and Marc's life are the same

11:00 - 26:00 | Marc's Career path

26:00 - I suck at selling, I'm great at talking about the things I care about

30:00 - Timing and seeing patterns to be a better executive

31:00 - People like the past because it is safe

33:30 - Gary's dream of what heaven looks like

39:00 - A great question from Gary

42:00 - Putting on a Curry jersey to feel more confident

44:00 - Marc's Netflix Share Strategy

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What's up podcast listeners? On this episode the dynamic star and entertainer Lilly Singh stops by the NYC office! Think you're going to love this episode - we talk judgement; of self and others, creating vs being on the sidelines, and lots of tactics and ideas and insights that I hope you're able to learn from. If this episode resonates with you, please tweet @garyvee with your feedback!



4:45 - Crush it!

8:30 - Product of a viral video

9:30 - First 1 million video 

10:15 - Balance on extremes 

14:00 - Disappear December 

17:15 - Lilly’s childhood

20:15 - Yes to mango juice 

21:15 - Okay is happy not making money :)

26:15 - Nikita and timing

27:40 - Jamie, question 1, overcoming burnout

30:15 - Judgement is not sustainable

33:00 - Practicing “no” and not judging yourself

46:00 - Final rant about judgement and not wasting your time

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Podcast Nation! With #LilVee I was passionate about sharing the tools tips and mindset selling slime and learning entrepreneurship for kids. This is a really special Keynote and Q&A at the the Slime Bash on September 10th here in NYC. Please tweet me @garyvee if you had a chance to listen to this episode and what you thought - I get a chance to go really deep on many of my favorite parenting topics and would love to your takeaways and feedback.



4:15 Happiness Needs to be the North Star

7:45 Changing Your Mind is Good

10:15 Producing Content At Scale

13:15 Sacrifice for your Dreams

15:30 The Establishment Never Believed in Me

16:15 Take Accountability

17:15 Losing can be your best friend

18:15 Door to Door Sales

23:45 Everyone should aspire to smile in their Toyota

24:25 Q&A Start

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Parents, this is a great episode  with a different vibe than you might be used to and I think you're going to LOVE it! Thought leader and educator Janice Bryant Howroyd stops by to talk about admiration for our parents, how adversity shaped her and details and insights from her life\. Parents and kids, take some ideas here and tweet me @garyvee with what you thought about today's episode.



1:00 Intros

4:40 It’s All Context

9:40 Admiration for Parents

11:00 What’s your story?

15:10 Osmosis and Living It

16:30 It’s Your Attitude, not Your Aptitude

17:20 Don’t Make it About Yourself

18:20 Adversity leads to success

20:30 Parent Teacher Conference

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Podcast listening community! This is a high energy #AskGaryVee with the dynamic Marie Forleo, author of her new book "Everything is Figureoutable" and Host of Marie TV. On this episode we talk abut finding your passion, building team culture, and answer call-in questions! I think you're going to get a ton of value from this episode and please tweet me @garyvee with your feedback.


4:00 - Intro to Marie Forleo
6:00 - Finding your passion with tasting
9:30 - Coaching and mastermind ecosystem
11:50 - Everything Is Figureoutable
14:00 - 2 things important in culture
16:00 - Living til 140 years old
17:55 - Question 1 by Brittany, having side gigs and being half way through your savings
23:45 - Question 2 by Franklin, living happily on making $600 a year
32:15 - Amanda likes Marie more than Gary

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Podcast Listeners, on this episode of #AskGaryVee, I sit down with Faisal Sublaban aka @thehotelboss and discuss the importance of DOING instead of just thinking about building your business. Enjoy, and I hope you're going to love this episode! Share your feedback on LinkedIn and / or tweet at me @garyvee, would love to hear what you think!



1:30 - Intros

3:45 - Faisal’s Childhood story

5:15 - Radical candor and wanting the pressure

6:30 - Optimistic management

9:40 - Shower pressure and gummy bears

12:25 - First Question: Alex “Implementing hospitality undertones to medicine and for doctors”

18:00 - Second question: Patrick “Having a challenge at scaling his business”

19:50 - There’s no universal correct answer, it’s what’s correct for you

29:00 - Raghav TikTok Fail

30:30 - Third question: Alex “How can I start, trying to figure out if it’s a good idea

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Podcast Listeners, get your notepads out! This is a behind the scenes look at how we do LinkedIn content. Strategist & Copywriter on my team Raghav asks me questions as we walk through how we produce writtle articles and cartoons and other content for LinkedIN. Enjoy, and I hope you're going to love this if you've been searching for LinkedIN strategy and insights! Share what your feedback on LinkedIn and / or tweet at me @garyvee, would love to hear what you think!


4:07 Get attention while the attention is there

6:03 Striking while a platform is hot

7:10 Why I dominated Instagram

9:45 We should be charging for this

10:59 January 24, 2013 "Hey, whose on vine?"

11:57 This is the shit I do... bring massive value


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What's up podcast listeners? On this episode Mark Pulisic Host of Soccer Unplugged stopped by. We talked contemporary parenting, what it's like raising a professional athlete, and share our takes on the infamous College Athletics Admission scandal. This is a fun episode I'm excited for you to listen. Tweet me @garyvee with your thoughts and comments on this episode, would love to hear what you think. Also, for soccer highlights and news, check out One37pms very own @properfootball on instagram and give us a follow if you like what you see :)


To learn more about Mark Pulisic, Host of Soccer Unplugged Podcast, and father of Cristian Pulisic, winger and attacking midfielder who plays for Chelsea FC:

Twitter @markpulisic



:53 - Starting a youth sports business

2:10 - What’s the secret formula

2:51 - Eliminating Friction … at scale

5:47 - Kids are treated as corporate executives

6:58 - College Admissions Scandals

18:20 - Pay for Play

19:33 - The Solution is Communication

26:10 - Excuses and Complaining

29:35 - This is how you’re going to make it

32:00 - Accountability vs Ridicule

32:30 - Your Actions Have Consequences

35:25 - Quantifying Distractions

38:00 - Your kid is showing you they aren’t committed

38:55 - Start listening and stop imposing

39:30 - What is the balance

40:10 - The merit of consequences

44:00 - It’s all about judgment

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Podcast listeners, today you get a special Inside 4Ds episode. This session took place on August 15th out of our NYC office. As you know 4Ds is one of my favorite things to do as I get to help solve every day business problems that entrepreneurs, SMBs and personal brands deal with. Fires me up!! If you're interested in attending a 4Ds session check out the link here and tweet me @garyvee with any questions ;)



00:30  - 5:20 Guest Introductions

7:05 Being Agenda Driven - not all posts are created equal

9:05 Turning Referrals and word-of-mouth into creative

10:20 Eliminating Friction … at scale

12:55 Think like a ‘magazine’ company (Think like a publisher) (Think Like Vogue)

19:55 The High School Party Concept

25:35 - Video of the Day Question

26:30 - Why Vulnerability will work on LinkedIn

27:45 - How to work with old school businesses and not selling to the unsellable

35:05 - Benefits of FB Groups

37:05 - Creating Content for Dual Sided Marketplaces

40:05 - Family Cookie Business and building demand to penetrate new territories

43:15 - Generating demand for software businesses

45:50 - Optimizing on shipping for food businesses to retain control

46:45 - Rapid fire Q&A


Thank you for listening, and if you have any feedback, please remember to tweet me @garyvee or leave a comment on my LinkedIn Post!

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On this episode, Oscar-winner, producer, screenwriter, and author Brian Grazer talks about finding human connection, listening, selling and sharing insights on what's holding people back. Brian produced films such as “Beautiful Mind”, “Liar Liar”, “8 Mile”, “American Gangster” and many more. Hope you enjoy this episode if you have any feedback please tweet me @garyvee.



1:50 : what I learned from selling as a kid


4:50 : all the benefits come from adversity


5:50 : the problem with contemporary parenting


8:20 fighting in school


8:45 bringing fighting back


10:45 strategies for effective listening; being present


11:20 the art of human connection


28:20 what’s stopping people

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Happy Sunday podcast listeners!! Wanted to drop some fire for you today ... this rant should help you get your mind right as we all look to close out 2019 strong. How you perceive life and this world is everything and I just hope this can one of you get your mind in a better place than it was yesterday <3 tweet me @garyvee if this is what you needed to hear


1:50 - Are you doing what you're doing to prove something to someone else?

3:30 - Why won't you wait?

6:20 - This internet thing is a lot bigger than we realize

8:40 - Stop wasting money on the "facade" of success


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I want to help all of you guys be the best version of yourself ... this episode is a mash-up of 10 of my "ideologies". Please listen closely as I really think these next 20 minutes can help you take that next step. Tweet me @garyvee to say hi and have a great Saturday!


1) :16 - Stop complaining
2) 2:10 - Chase happiness
3) 3:20 - Stay in your lane
4) 4:57 - Go do shit
5) 6:54 - Play longterm
6) 8:35 - Figure yourself out
7) 11:57 - Take action!
8) 13:40 - Find optimism
9) 15:16 - Stay driven
10) 16:18 - Live your life
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What's up podcast listeners. Special treat for you today. As I got to sit down with my good friend Matt Higgins, founder of RSE Ventures. We talked about our upbringing and similar our paths have been, his role on Shark Tank, and got the opportunity to answer Q&A from the crowd! Tweet us @garyvee and @mhiggins if you listened <3


4:05 - How Matt and my upbringing shaped who we are today


9:20 - The biggest mistakes we’ve both made


14:10 - What makes a successful pitch


17:45 - A lot of founders what rather go out of business than admit they’re wrong


26:30 - Why Mark Cuban is so intimidating on Shark Tank30:45 - Attention vs monetization


36:50 - How to decide if you want to sell your company


44 - You can’t have pride based on how many employees you have

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What's up podcast listeners. Today's episode is an interview from my time in Australia. We spoke about hard work and not cutting corners, how to be authentic and much more.


For ANY podcast feedback / ideas tweet @garyvee AND @teamgaryvee



:20 - How are you building wealth outside of VaynerX


2:20 - What do you do daily to build mental resilience?


4:40 - I don’t like giving advise that is just a humble brag


7 - Why most humans aren’t authentic


10:10 - Why I don’t talk about my non-profit work


12:40 - I go on stage because I’m on operator, not a commentator

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What’s up podcast. Today’s episode is a great 25 minutes of motivation for you on this Wednesday morning. Check the timestamps below for the most fire pieces of content from a few different talks I’ve done. Let’s make happiness the priority - nothing more important. Tweet me @garyvee with any thoughts <3

:40 - The truth about minimalism

3:30 - You can’t beat yourself up for changing your mind
6:45 - What do you spend your money on?
8:30 - There is no correlation between money and happiness
10:45 - Stop playing catch up
17:30 - My 2019 agenda
20 - Everyone can win, it doesn’t need to be at the expense of others
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The great thing about entrepreneurship is that it doesn't matter who you are or where you came from. The market does not care about anything except the value you are bringing to it. Once you realize this and how leveled the playing field really is, you can start providing the real value that the market wants. Tweet me @garyvee if you agree


4 - Where my passion for the Jets comes from
6:30 - How sports are a form of escapism
8 - The power of eSports
13:50 - How I describe myself
18:40 - I’m not an investor I just make smart decisions
22:20 - Patience is my leverage
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Fire episode!! Got to sit down with Sarah Holloway and do an episode on her podcast Seize the Yay. Really enjoyed it :). Check out the timestamps below, should help you pick and choose your moments. Tweet me @garyvee what you thought <3 


:55 - The most “down to earth thing” about Gary

2:25 - I think fame and money exposes people

4:20 - Selling things when I was in high school wasn’t “cool”

5:35 - I treat the platforms like I treated my lemonade stands

8:37 - I’m an anthropologist

11:07 - Adversity at a young age is an incredible foundation of success

13:45 - Gary’s definition of success for his kids

14:45 - When it “clicked” for me/the favorite day of my life

18:25 - You need to have a selfish and selfless goal/Admiration is a lot more exciting than a couple extra 0s in your bank account

21 - The reason humans are still here/you defeat hate with love at scale

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Shout out to our very own @dustinnotjustin for the intro! Today's episode is a phone I did with the Australia Newspaper while I was in Australia. Since the audio wasn't the best, my team turned this into a mini rant of how to make content at scale and the importance of it for your business. Tweet me @garyvee with any questions


3:30 - Why aren't people posting?

6:40 - Long term value always wins

10:45 - Take advantage of today's internet

14 - Why I started a direct to consumer brand

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