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What's up podcast! If you haven't noticed I've been talking about sports cards A LOT recently ;). Today's episode is a panel I did with Jason Koonce and Josh Luber at the NSCC a few weeks ago. We talked about how cards have the chance to become art and how I'd invest in cards if I had under $100. Tweet us all @garyvee @joshluber & @otiasports if you have any questions 


5:30 - Why I “hate” StockX

7:13 - The 3 things I think everyone should be thinking about when flipping

13:00 - What can happen if you can sense an increase in demand happening

16 - If you’re a 7 year old kid with $20-30, what would you buy at the convention?

19:47 - I think Sports Cards have a chance to become art

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