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What's up podcast. Today you get to hear a fire keynote I did in Singapore earlier this year. A lot of high level marketing tactics, how to win on social and the importance of perspective and a state of the union of entrepreneurship. Tweet me @garyvee with any takeaways and enjoy your Monday ;)


6:30 - The importance of knowing what you like to do

12:30 - Targeting x creative

18:25 - The more content that you put out…

24 - Why more content leads to more success

32:20 - Hire people that are better at the things you’re not great at

38:30 - Mix up your content, for the audience

48 - Facebook and the cannabis industry

53:10 - The importance of humility

1:01:00 - People don’t understand entrepreneurs if they’re not entrepreneurs

1:06:00 - Don’t be in the convincing business

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