The GaryVee Audio Experience

Fire episode!! Got to sit down with Sarah Holloway and do an episode on her podcast Seize the Yay. Really enjoyed it :). Check out the timestamps below, should help you pick and choose your moments. Tweet me @garyvee what you thought <3 


:55 - The most “down to earth thing” about Gary

2:25 - I think fame and money exposes people

4:20 - Selling things when I was in high school wasn’t “cool”

5:35 - I treat the platforms like I treated my lemonade stands

8:37 - I’m an anthropologist

11:07 - Adversity at a young age is an incredible foundation of success

13:45 - Gary’s definition of success for his kids

14:45 - When it “clicked” for me/the favorite day of my life

18:25 - You need to have a selfish and selfless goal/Admiration is a lot more exciting than a couple extra 0s in your bank account

21 - The reason humans are still here/you defeat hate with love at scale

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