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Think you guys will really enjoy this #AskGaryVee episode with Chase Jarvis. We dug into some deep topics in the Q&A portion and talked about why so many of you aren’t “making.” Listen and tweet me one insight you got from this @GaryVee learn more about Chase’s book:

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3:30 - Being ok with being misunderstood

4:30 - Why Chase wrote the book 

6:30 - Creativity and Gratitude has a Muscle Memory

7:15 - Establish a daily practice

8:45 - Negativity is louder than positivity 

10:10 - Chase should be on TikTok 

11:15 - Question number one: Anand

13:00 - Confusing marketing and sales “tactics”

15:00 - 16:45 | Limiting the creativity with your abs

20:15 - Chase thinks Gary is “sexy” aka authentic 

20:40 - What do you want your grandkids to know about you 

22:00 - Why Gary respects Mr. Beast

23:55 - Metrics CANNOT be the North Star

25:15 - Punch panthers in the face 

26:25 - Question number two: Alex 

29:15 - Alex cares too much about what Drock and Babin 

35:40 - There’s no trying, only doing and using your adversity to go through hard times 

38:30 - Human connection like we’ve never had before 

42:10 - Making without thinking

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