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Had a great time sitting down with Jen Cohen in this podcast - a lot of insights here on how to really narrow in on your biggest strengths, figure out what makes you different, and clarifying some of my thoughts on mentorship and working for free.



0:20 - biggest advice for parents —> listening

2:00 - nudging vs cramming, certain directions and see how they respond

4:00 - whats the 1 thing about you that makes you impactful

6:00 - leaving money on the table

6:50 - my North Star is admiration and legacy

9:40 - kids growing up in the shadow of their parents

12:10 - working for free

14:30 - clarifying my thoughts on mentors

16:10 - talent vs work ethic/discipline

17:25 - thoughts on mastermind classes

19:00 - why I sell wine/sneakers

20:30 - produce content on scale

22:10 - how to make 100 things not create 100 things

24:15 - adding value through TikTok and Linkedin

26:30 - I pretend someone in my family died to keep my perspective

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